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Like Noah's Ark, which held and carried the most unique and special beings to create something extraordinary, to build the world.

Official ICP HUB

A global network of Web3 enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs innovating on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP).

The ICP community is currently active in around 30 countries and collaborates with up to 50 well-known crypto organizations and 32 universities.

What it is all about

What is DeArk?

DeArk is your regional gateway to the ICP ecosystem, and the collective of the best and most ambitious web3 builders, entrepreneurs, investors, and Crypto OGs in Germany.

As an Official ICP HUB, our goal is to build a progressive community and a sustainable blockchain ecosystem in Europe powered by the Internet Computer Protocol.

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  • Grants & Resources
  • Collaboration
  • Co-creation


Powered by ICP

Created in collaboration with the DFINITY Foundation, DeArk is all about helping developers, entrepreneurs, and companies, both native or new to web3 to have access to the right resources, the most cutting-edge technologies, and a global network of connections to thrive.

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Fabian Tröltzsch

Hub Leader & Co-founder

Victor O Oyebode

Business Assistant

Moritz Stellmacher


Emil Wagner


Elad Mintzer

Business Operation

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