Empowering Developers and web3 Founders in Germany

A global network of Web3 enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs innovating on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP).

What it is all about

What is DeArk?

DeArk is your regional gateway to the ICP ecosystem, and the collective of the best and most ambitious web3 builders, entrepreneurs, investors, and Crypto OGs in Germany.

Our goal is to build a progressive community and a sustainable blockchain ecosystem in Europe powered by the Internet Computer Protocol.

  • Developer Education
  • Innovation & Growth
  • Community Events
  • Grants & Resources
  • Collaboration
  • Co-creation

Who it is for

We are looking for hands-on developers, inspiring entrepreneurs, Web3 creators, builders, and enthusiasts who are ready to explore how we can address challenges within today's blockchain ecosystem.

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    Software Developers

    Developers who are ready to take a deep dive into Crypto | Blockchain | NFTs | DeFi | the Metaverse, and ready to build cutting-edge solutions to solve problems and shape the future.

  • 2
    Startups ready to grow

    Startups that are ready to supercharge their team building, product, and marketing efforts with connections, resources, and mentorship.

  • 3
    Brands new to web3

    Brands that are ready to explore how blockchain technology and Web3 strategies can elevate and solidify their company's presence.

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    Established web3 companies / partners

    Web3 companies and ecosystem players aiming to deepen their relevance in the space and looking to collaborate on shared objectives, grow together, and capture new opportunities for our shared communities.


Powered by ICP

Created in collaboration with the DFINITY Foundation, DeArk is all about helping developers, entrepreneurs, and companies, both native or new to web3 to have access to the right resources, the most cutting-edge technologies, and a global network of connections to thrive.

Why join us

What we can do for you

Driving Innovation in the Age of Blockchains

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Developer Education

Free courses to get started from 0 all the way to launch your first 100% on-chain dapp. Become a certified blockchain developer, learn about essential ICP concepts and how to write canister smart contracts using TypeScript.

Developer and Community grants

The ICP Grant programs provide support to promising developers around the world and to outstanding teams and individuals with visionary ideas leading the charge in expanding the ICP ecosystem.

Community Events

At our events, you'll have the opportunity to meet, socialize, celebrate, expand your knowledge, and form lasting bonds with fellow visionaries.

Global Support Network

Whether you need contacts, domain-level experts to fill gaps, funding from investors, or strategic partnerships, you will find all of them in our network.

Our Solutions

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Global and Local Partner Network

Our Strategic Partners

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Let's explore how we can shape the future of Web3 and elevate our communities in Germany and beyond.

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